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At Compass Advisors & Consultants, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive analyses of businesses and the market dynamics that affect their outlook. We go beyond general sector trends to develop customized, company-specific views of market opportunities and competitive threats.

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Our team brings deep industry expertise to bear on behalf of our clients. We provide customized, highly analytical solutions, bringing a fresh perspective and a creative, resourceful approach to our clients’ most challenging diligence and strategy needs.

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Our years of experience in the investing world enable us to provide unique insights that help our clients create value. We provide thoughtful, data-driven analysis and insights that help clients make clear decisions quickly regarding where and how to deploy time, attention, and capital to achieve their desired outcomes.


Our independent assessments of a client’s constituent businesses, served markets, competitive environment, IR&D plans, customer perception, and forecast provide our clients with valuable insight and information. Additionally, we provide buy-side commercial and operational due diligence to private equity sponsors and corporate clients who require objective, independent analysis of a target company’s market outlook, competitive positioning, and financial forecast.



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Other people's successes are good news - for them and for you. Good for you because they show you a way to go.

A formal declaration of business objectives, strategies to achieve them, and relevant information about the organization or team pursuing those objectives is known as a business plan.

The plans can be focused on either internal or external factors. External plans are geared towards goals that are crucial to stakeholders outside the company, especially financial stakeholders.

In addition to achieving business objectives, plans may also aim to modify customer perceptions or branding, as well as the views of clients, taxpayers, or the wider community. In situations where there is a significant change in an existing business or when launching a new venture, a 3 to 5 year business plan is typically required to provide investors with an anticipated return on their investment.

We prioritize the needs and requirements of our clients' customers. We conduct independent evaluations and interviews with key customers to understand their perception of quality, value, and technical capability. This information is used to identify areas for resource allocation and new opportunities.

Our focus is on delivering actionable strategies and results for our clients. We facilitate ongoing strategy sessions that are geared towards achieving tangible outcomes, and we monitor progress and adjust our approach as necessary to ensure success.

At Compass Advisors & Consultants, Inc., we help our clients avoid costly M&A missteps and get the right deals done quickly and with confidence.

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